Bathroom Design Software


Create unique bathroom designs using our easy to use 3D bathroom design software. Walk your customers through their ideal bathroom, taking them from online concept to design and order with our range of highly optimised bathroom tools.

Start planning your customer’s dream bathroom with Compusoft’s professional bathroom design software.



Allow your customers to build their ideal bathroom in 3D using our online bathroom design planner and import the details directly into Innoplus to add a professional design touch.



  • Transfer your customer’s designs into our bathroom CAD software with ease. 
  • Give your customers the flexibility to create bathroom designs in their own time. 
  • Gather and manage customer information including preferred styles and budget.  
  • Easy to implement – no technical knowledge needed. 



Build a virtual 3D bathroom in minutes with Innoplus, using the brands you work with in exact detail. Our bathroom design software is easy to use and can help you create 3D bathroom plans in minutes.


  • A simple guided design process.
  • Ready-made bathroom templates to begin the drawing. 
  • Show your customers their dream bathroom in minutes with realistic 3D images. 
  • Automatic creation of detailed 2D bathroom plans.


Showcase 360

Give your customers an immersive 3D experience with Showcase 360; their own dedicated virtual showroom. The ideal tool to visualise bathroom remodel projects.


  • Send virtual bathroom designs in 3D to your customers.
  • Build trust with your customers by allowing them to walk into their future virtual bathroom.
  • Quickly adjust the showroom based on current trends, saving time and money.
Showcase 360

What makes us different

Data Accuracy

Unmatched by anyone else, our data is not just up-to-date and accurate but also enriched with images, links and details that make your lives easier.


From the start you get two days of training and then you are supported all the way through by experts available in three rings.

Integrated solutions

From online to shop to order each of these systems integrate directly into each other, allowing no detail to be lost or extra work to be done. Saving time and preventing errors.

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