Showcase 360

Virtual showroom software

Send customers their designs, so that you can keep them excited with virtual designs they can explore at home. You can also inspire new customers with a virtual showroom on your website that showcases your fantastic designs in 3D.

Discover how to generate new customers and secure deals quicker.

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Create constant customer contact

Keep customers engaged and excited by sending them a virtual version of their latest designs to explore at home. Communicate changes and updates on the go and empower them to purchase without the need for them to come back into store. All within one simple, web-based solution that doesn’t need an app to work.

Remove buyer doubt

Ease the worries of customers by giving them a way to experience their new designs in a virtual world. Using VR headsets, lead them through a virtual version of their room so they can better picture the reality of their new kitchen or bathroom and move closer to buying.

Build a virtual showroom

Inspire and attract new customers by showcasing your amazing designs in 360 views on your website. Quickly build new showrooms of the latest catalogues that customers can explore in store or online, allowing you to keep on trend without frequent – and costly – shop refits.

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Get new customers

Generate new customers using the ones you already have. Current customers can share the fantastic new designs you create for them with their friends and family, creating a great way to get recommended. You can even give customers branded VR headset to spread your brand even further.


Two options


1-2-1 communication with your customers. Share designs with your customers for them to explore at home in 3D and reach agreements faster with real-time messaging.

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Create a virtual showroom of your designs to inspire new customers. Directly upload all of your best designs to your website, with 3D images allowing customers to explore what you can do for them.

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What makes us different

Direct integration

All design, pricing and order information is passed directly from Winner Design, ensuring accuracy and removing the chance for error.

Unrivalled support

Get an award-winning level of support from experts in the software available at the end of the phone in just three rings

KBB experts

Workflows and processes are designed specifically for kitchen and bathroom retailers, so that you don’t have to spend the time and money on adapting other technology to suit your needs.

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