Kitchen & bathroom business management

Price, manage and order in one system

Efficiently manage your kitchen or bathroom business in one place. From accurate pricing through to ordering and installation, EQ can handle it all with intelligent workflows that make organising your kitchen or bathroom business easier.

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Make quoting easy

Make pricing complex component based kitchens and bathrooms easy, with an intelligent system that uses a huge catalogue database to calculate exact quotes in minutes. Data experts constantly update the largest KBB catalogue range in the UK to ensure prices are always accurate.

Access accurate & enriched catalogues

Make accurate quotations and orders with the most comprehensive catalogue database for components and completes in the KBB market. Access over 4,500 catalogues enriched by data experts with extra details, such as images, specifications and weblinks to help you sell smarter.

Centralise your project management

Manage bulk orders, invoices and workforce in one system. When working across shops or big projects, you can make it easy for your team to see and work on their specific tasks, such as ordering or invoicing, by having them grouped together in one place.

CRM for KBB specialists

Ensure that every project is managed smoothly with a CRM system designed for KBB retailers. Manage all your individual customer communications, designs and projects in one central tool that makes delivering projects easy.

Make management mobile

Organise installers and fitters with calendars and assembly plans that sync direct to their mobile devices. Pick up emails and essential documents while on the road, with information available anywhere you take your smartphone.

Simplify project management

Make project management easy with tasks and dynamic workflows automatically created for every project, so that you don’t miss any details or steps along the way.

Two levels to suit your needs


Great for smaller businesses that need to quote and manage their orders. This software package takes your designs through every step to installation and frees up your time to deliver great kitchens and bathrooms.                                                                  

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Perfect for large businesses where you need centralised management for numerous projects and the ability to manage stock levels, workforce and deliveries. Accounts integration means you can connect with you finance software and other ERP systems.

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