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ico-web Design@Web - Product features

User-friendly web planner

With Design@Web, visitors create their own design quickly, easily, and intuitively. After following a simple, clearly organised step-by-step procedure, the result is presented in an attractive 3D image. This way, with just a few clicks of the mouse, your customers can take a virtual walk through their dream kitchen.

The more your customers can play with their ideas, the stronger the image they can form of their future kitchens. It feels like they have designed their kitchens themselves, and that results in greater affinity with your product!

Design@Web is an online marketing tool that allows you to collect important information about your potential customers!

Collect valuable information

Contact information

After customers have designed their own dream kitchen, they enter their contact details. You have all the information you need to directly approach these potential customers and to convert these contacts into a potential sale.

Dimensions of the future kitchen

Even before the first appointment with the customer, you have the essential information, such as the room’s dimensions, the customer’s choice of model, and the basic layout. This way, your preparations for that first consultation can be much more targeted.

Personal style and planning preferences

You obtain a clear-cut impression of your customer’s personal preferences. Before they even set foot in the showroom, you can draw up various proposals so the sales pitch can go even more smoothly.

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