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ico-sales Winner Design - Product features

We build high-performance and high-usability hands-on solutions, because we understand that continuity is essential to your business. To meet the demands of our customers, we continuously strive to create innovative solutions and services.

User friendliness

Winner Design focuses on user-friendliness and accessibility, so that the user can work quickly and efficiently. With the powerful tools incorporated in Winner Design, the user can make beautiful drawings and detailed price quotes very quickly, so that his sale can be closed in the easiest and most effective way.

Winner Design automatically carries out many of the operations that the users of other CAD programs must perform manually.

Several of the useful tools in Winner Design include:

  • automatic calculation of cornices, plinths and light screens;
  • automatic generation of worktops;
  • creation of islands;
  • real-time updates of the views in the same or in another screen
  • drafting of customised tables, worktops and canopies;
  • use of different models/styles/finishes in the same kitchen/bathroom;
  • automatic comparison of the pricing between models.

Faster communication via the Internet

Download and install updated catalogues and program updates directly from Winner Design!

The latest catalogues and program updates for Winner Design are incredibly easy to access. Simply select download catalogues / updates for a list of updated catalogues or program patches. You can also have Winner Design update automatically, so that you are always working with the latest versions.

Send orders to your manufacturer electronically!

Send your orders and drawings to your suppliers electronically. Winner Design includes several electronical ordering possibilities that increase the efficiency of the ordering processes and secure the quality of the communication with suppliers.

Realistic, real-time 3D graphics

Thanks to OpenGL software, the real-time 3D drawings from Winner Design directly generate a true-to-life representation of your drawing.

The number of perspective views that can be displayed in Winner Design is unlimited. That means that you can view the room from many different angles simultaneously.

In Winner Design, you can choose between normal perspective, VR mode and photorealistic mode. In normal mode, the customer sees an excellent overview of the kitchen or bathroom, because he observes it from the outside (walls in the sight line of the viewer are transparent). In VR mode, the user can walk around inside the kitchen, so to speak, to get a feel for the room’s design. The photorealistic mode gives the customer a very nice 360° preview of the room. It invites the customer to explore his kitchen as if he were really there.

Everything in your own language

In this business, providing service in eleven different languages is quite exceptional. So, Compusoft is particularly proud of the services it offers in this wide range of languages. With every new version of the program, you receive an updated on-screen help function and a user manual in your own language. The help desk, training courses and catalogues are also available in all eleven languages.

The languages currently available are: Dutch, English, French, German, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

High-quality catalogues, delivered on time

Catalogues are probably the most underpraised factor in our business. Since most people focus primarily on the performance of the program itself, they often forget that a design program has little value without the appropriate manufacturers’ catalogues. How can a dealer generate the correct price quote without the current catalogues being integrated into the program?

So, when you sign a contract for a design program, be sure that your software supplier always supplies the correct, up-to-date catalogues. Do not accept promises that are not in writing, and insist on a written, money-back guarantee.

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