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ico-sales Innoplus - Product features

We build high-performance and high-usability, hands-on solutions because we understand that continuity is essential to your business. We continuously strive to create innovative solutions to meet the demands of our customers.

Exceptional user-friendliness - the key to the success of your company

Innoplus meets our strict standards for user-friendliness and sets the benchmark for all planning software on the market.

Not only should software be easy to learn, it must also be simple, realistic, and save you time in daily use. Innoplus easily fulfils all of these requirements. With only a few basic instructions, every Innoplus user can achieve brilliant bathroom planning results. Documents, such as parts lists and technical drawings, are automatically generated. In that respect, Innoplus is an extremely powerful tool!

For your customers, the Innoplus perspective drawings create a very realistic image of the room – an essential condition for a fast, successful sale. Photo-realistic impressions of the planned space will make it easier for your customer to make a decision and sign the contract.

While other CAD applications require many actions in addition to the programmed software processes, Innoplus completely automates most of your room planning functions and routines. For example:

  • Free planning in 3D perspective and in 2D elevation view
  • M Mode: a concept design in just 3 minutes (magnet board)
  • Wizards simplify certain work sequences (intuitive user interface)
  • Drag & drop function - move objects quickly and easily using the mouse
  • Automatic placement of tiles, templates, and tile patterns based on manufacturers’ catalogues and with just one click of the mouse
  • Panoramas and animations (e.g. videos)
  • … and much more.

Beautiful design results

Take your customer by the hand and use Innoplus to guide them through the planning process, from the first sketch to the installation of the bathroom itself.

Utilise Innoplus’s myriad smart and easy, time-saving functions, so that you can concentrate completely on the wishes of the customer and on the sales pitch. Innoplus helps you close the deal quickly and professionally!

  • 2D elevation views and 3D perspectives
  • Design presentation as photo-realistic image, panorama, or video
  • Display the design as a panorama or video
  • 2D elevation view with automatic dimensioning
  • Parts lists, cutting and tiling plans
  • Presentation folder with pre-defined layouts
  • Export functions: commonly used file types

Up-to-date catalogue data and libraries

Your beautiful design results and successful contract consultations in Innoplus are linked to our up-to-date databases and libraries of manufacturers’ catalogues. With Innoplus, you have unlimited access to all standard planning elements in the bathroom industry.

As Compusoft partners, all Innoplus users benefit fully from the quick and accurate data processing for which Compusoft is so well known.

Prove your professionalism and use the accurate, up-to-date Innoplus manufacturers’ catalogues to present your customer with a completely realistic impression of the bathroom of their dreams.

  • Special articles for the design of obstacle-free bathrooms
  • Complete product ranges from all major tile manufacturers
  • Extensive selection of design accessories

3D catalogues

The quality of the 3D models from the furniture and accessories catalogues determines the quality of the software. The 3D models in the standard catalogues, bathroom planner and web planner have all been designed and tested by our software experts and therefore are guaranteed to provide top quality and reliability.

When registering catalogue contents, our software experts combine extremely realistic and accurate images of all the articles with the smallest possible data volumes. You can place all of the 3D models at full scale into the plan.

A complete 3D preview of the models is shown in the article selection step. Changes to the design, model, colour, textures, knobs and handles, hinges and other fixtures are automatically updated in the 3D model, and the mock-up is automatically refreshed in real-time.

And, with its extensive range of lighting fixtures and illuminated mirrors, Innoplus contributes even more to a realistic bathroom design. Take a look at our images gallery and discover the extensive design possibilities.

Software, data and support in your own language

One of the fantastic benefits of Compusoft is that all our program and catalogue data and supporting information are simultaneously provided in all available language versions. This is exceptional in the software sector, but we consider it an essential feature for exceptional user-friendliness. In fact, even our online help service and our extensive software documentation are available in all of the different language versions of our software.

The following language versions of Innoplus are currently available: Dutch, French, English and German.

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