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ico-management Winner Bizz - System requirements

System requirements

In this document, you will learn about the system requirements needed to run Winner Bizz properly. Running a high-end application such as Winner Bizz or a similar multi user system covering different tasks that run simultaneously, it is not only important to have a suitable client but it is also very important to have a very good matching and stable system environment. Meeting the system requirements is an important step for running such a high-quality system, free from interference where processes are handled from several users and a huge amount of data is processed.

The requirements below apply to Winner Bizz only and do not take into account the applications that are operated in addition to your company within the same system environment.

Server requirements

Operating system (OS)Windows Server 2012R2 (Datacenter/Standard/Essentials)
Processor (CPU)Intel Xeon E5-xxx
Random-Access Memory(RAM)16GB (for Winner Bizz and the SQL Server)
Storage DeviceSSD (PCI-E/M.2) / SAS 15.000rpm
Disk space

When starting with Winner Bizz you should have at least 25GB of free disk space. Depending on the amount of users and catalogues, the space requirements can grow individually.

RAID systemHardware RAID system – i.e. RAID 5 or 10
Optical disk driveDVD-ROM for the installation process of Winner Bizz
Network connectivityWired connection, 1Gbit/s or faster – server should be attached by 10Gbit/s

Note: Linux server  and NAS system are not supported!

Client requirement (workstation- desktop/laptop)

Minimum requirementsRecommended
Operating system (OS)Microsoft Windows 7 Pro / Ultimate / EnterpriseMicrosoft Windows 10 Pro / Enterprise
Processor (CPU)Intel Xeon / Intel i series
Random-Acces Memory (RAM)8GB16GB
Storage deviceSSD disk for operating system and Winner Bizz
Disk space

Depending on the installation type: Client connected to server: approx. 500MB for temp files (User data will be stored in the SQL database on the server!)

Laptop/nomad modes: approx. 5GB for Winner Bizz & SQL server plus the individual size of the local SQL database.

Network connectivityWired connection, 1Gbit/s or faster

Note: No support for Apple Mac and Linux (all distributions)!

Remark regarding graphic cards (laptops/desktops)

Like most CAD systems Winner Design works best with good graphics hardware. The right kind of graphics card can save you a lot of trouble and will certainly produce the best results. Good 3D graphics cards will make the perspective drawings in Winner Design much faster and dramatically improve the visual quality of the drawings.

Compusoft has tested many graphics cards and recommends the following:

  • NVIDIA GeForce or QUADRO.
  • AMD Radeon HD, R5, R7, R9, RX, +++

nVidia and AMD make graphics chips that are used by many graphics card manufacturers (Asus, AOpen, Creative Labs, Elsa, Sapphire, LeadTek etc.). Graphics cards based on the AMD or the nVidia graphics chip can come under many different names.
The important thing is that the card should be based on the recommended chip from nVidia or AMD.

For usage with Winner Bizz, the following graphics cards are not recommended:

  • Matrox cards (all types)
  • ATI Rage Pro, All In Wonder Pro, Expert@Play98, Expert98
  • S3 GammaChrome
  • SIS cards (ordinary SIS cards and cards integrated on mother board)
  • XGI Volari
  • Older Intel® Graphics cards (Intel HD Graphics 4600 and earlier). Newer Intel® Graphics cards will normally work but will normally be slower than NVIDIA and AMD based cards.

We urge you to follow this advice to save yourself a lot of trouble. Even if a hardware salesperson tells you that some other graphics card is "just as good", demand to get a GeForce or Radeon based card.

Remarks regarding photorealistic renderings

The time needed to generate a photorealistic rendering depends on the client’s CPU. The more performance that the client’s workstation CPU can provide, the faster the render job can be done! The hardware has no impact on the quality of the rendering but only on the speed. If creating photorealistic renderings is an important feature for you, we recommend using either an Intel i7 series or Intel Xeon-E5 series CPU.

Remarks regarding solid-state drives (SSD)

If all components perfectly match, using a solid-state drive in both client and server gives you an excellent performance and user experience. We would like to point out urgently to the fact, that depending on the SSD you are using, you have to take in to consideration that a hardware failure can occur much sooner as compared to standard server hard disk drives. Therefore, you should have a reliable security system like a RAID system optimized for SSD and a daily disaster backup.

Remarks regarding RAID controller

If you plan to use hard disk drives as storage devices, we recommend building them in a RAID system. Depending on the RAID level you chose, it will gain performance, a higher system stability or even both. Because of its poor performance, using a software RAID is not suited for applications like Winner Bizz. We highly recommend building a RAID on the basis of a hardware RAID controller with at least 1024MB cache.

In case you want to use solid-state drives (SSD), we recommend checking with your system administrator if a RAID system is meaningful. Using a RAID controller not optimized for SSDs can cause a loss of performance and due to many read/write sequences; can reduce the lifetime of the SSD. Please also note the section ‘Remarks regarding SSD’. Using a RAID controller optimized for SSD can increase the system stability in case of a hardware failure of a disk.

Remarks regarding network

For the use of Winner Bizz in a network environment, we recommend that all sockets, cables and active networking components provide a sufficient bandwidth (1Gbit/s) for the data transfer from the clients. In the best case, the connection to the server uses a bandwidth of 10Gbit/s depending on the quantity of users accessing the server. Connecting clients and servers via a Wi-Fi connection is not recommended since wireless connections tend to disconnect which can cause damage on your SQL database. For more information check the document “What is the correct use of Wi-Fi”.

Remarks regarding VPN connections

We do not recommend using a software VPN connection to connect your shops. According to experience, a software VPN reduces the performance of your network and has a negative impact on the servers providing the VPN services. Compusoft highly recommends using professional hardware firewall devices with a corresponding bandwidth (i.e. WatchGuard, Cisco, Netgear) to connect the network of the respective shop. You should discuss this with your system administrator, regarding which product suits you best and what he is familiar with.

Instead of using third party dynamic DNS services, each shop should have its own fixed IP address provided by the internet service provider (ISP). A down time of such third party services has a negative impact on your daily business. For the time being, if the dynamic DNS service is unavailable, the Winner Bizz servers cannot communicate with each other!

Which internet connection bandwidth is necessary between the shops

For Winner Bizz you can use a common ADSL/VDSL internet connection. We recommend however that you check if you can add a business option to the contract in order to get a guaranteed bandwidth and a faster reaction from the internet service provider (ISP) when it comes to a connection loss.

Important notice regarding backups

Please make sure that your system administrator is aware that he needs to include the Winner Bizz files and the Winner Bizz SQL databases in the daily backup routine. Creating a copy of the Winner Bizz ‘*.mdf’ file is not a backup! Please make yourself familiar with the correct process of either creating a manual backup or an automated, scheduled backup of the Winner Bizz database by either using the online help system or the Compusoft help desk.

Remark: By default when installing Winner Bizz without changes by any user, Winner Bizz will create a dump file of the database and store it in the location ‘..\Compusoft\Winner Bizz\Backups\’. The latest three backups will be kept. Please make sure those backups are copied or stored on a device which is part of your daily backup.

Remarks regarding Microsoft SQL Server licenses

Winner Bizz requires an instance of the Microsoft SQL Server. The needed license of the Microsoft SQL-Server is provided as a runtime license from Compusoft. You will find the information on the quantity and fees of the Microsoft SQL server runtime license on your Winner Bizz contract. Winner Bizz can only be installed in connection with the Compusoft/Microsoft SQL Server runtime license. You do not need to purchase a Microsoft SQL Server license yourself!

Remarks regarding Microsoft Office

The ability to create standard letters and templates within the Winner Bizz customer follow-up works only in conjunction with Microsoft Word. The “starter edition” of Microsoft Word does not support this feature of Winner Bizz.

Who is setting up and maintaining my system enviroment?

We highly recommend that you have a regional IT partner, who can provide you with a complete concept in order to have a suitable system environment including a reliable backup solution for all your important data, for example, a trustful antivirus protection. It is also important that this system is continuously maintained by your IT partner. Compusoft delivers only the Winner Bizz software and the Microsoft SQL Server software and licenses.

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