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ico-management Winner Bizz - Product features

Our solutions are built to meet our customers’ demands for high performance and ease-of-use.

Customer files

With just a few mouse clicks, you have access to detailed customer files: actions taken, marketing profile, current projects, price quotes, communication (e-mails, letters, telephone conversation notes, payment history, open orders, etc.).

Winner Bizz collects all this information in a customer file, which is accessible at any time to everyone in your organisation. For example, you can easily consult Customer A’s account while working on a design for Customer B.

Task and time management

Improve internal communication with this practical tool. The proactive task manager reduces your stress by reminding you of all your tasks at just the right moment. Thanks to the shared calendar, even appointments with colleagues become quite a bit easier.

Specialised workflow

Save time and monitor the progress of your projects with Winner Bizz Workflow. This workflow shows you the progress of a project and guides you to the next steps. The wizard is completely tailored to the work procedures of kitchen dealers and also provides direct access to the appropriate software functions.

Laptop synchronisation

Unplug and take the time to work on your project offline. As soon as you reconnect with the showroom, all your work will be updated in the central database. You can also share your projects with colleagues, choosing between the work view or the consultation view.


Increase your chances of success by building relationships with your prospects. The better you know your customer’s profile, the more convincing your arguments will be. Ask the right questions to bring to light the needs of your visitors. Register their answers because their responses will most definitely come in handy in the future.


Increase your profitability by more rapidly identifying sales opportunities and by more carefully managing changes:

  • Order management, automatic registration of contract amendments.
  • Immediately identify products in-stock during project design phase.
  • Keep a handle on your margins and safeguard your profits.


Customise order lists with ease and, in doing so, maintain an overview of current orders and delayed orders. Manage purchase orders in one screen, without having to switch back and forth between files. Winner Bizz also tracks delivery times, weekends and public holidays. And, it automatically sets terms for purchase orders, so you meet all your customer deadlines.


Optimise your stock rotation by consulting the stock catalogue with every project. Winner Bizz sends you a message if you try to place an order for an article that is already in stock. The software suggests first using the articles that are already in stock. As soon as the supply of an article reaches the minimum quantity, the system automatically suggests replenishing the inventory for this article.


You have everything you need to organise your daily tasks: the availability of installers and other technicians, your suppliers’ delivery schedules, work requested by customers, etc. The work schedule shows all of the activities planned and is always accessible to all employees.

After-sales service

Convert customer requests into actions. React proactively to complaints by writing down all the details and setting up an action plan. Communicate the working method to the customer and to the relevant employees. Monitor the implementation of corrective measures and analyse underlying reasons for the service request, thereby improving your procedures so the problem does not repeat itself. A handy tool for improved customer satisfaction.


Analyse your company’s financial results and margins. Carefully monitor the closed projects, the current activities and the sales forecasts. Thanks to various reports, you can analyse your business operations at any moment, so that you always make the right decisions.


The many pre-defined reports available contain more than just financial data, they keep you up-to-date on all your activities. This information substantially simplifies your decision-making process and helps you to anticipate and take the most appropriate actions.

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