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Your Innoplus projects whenever you want them, wherever you want them

Cloud publication is an extremely practical addition to our offline products. You publish projects to a secure environment that is accessible from any smartphone or tablet.

Whether to demonstrate designs in your shop or on the road, your Compusoft applications are always within reach:

Multimedia application
Multimedia application
Immediate access to projects
Immediate access to projects
Communication platform
Communication platform

In your showroom

It is easy to publish your bathroom designs in your own secure space and easily transfer any changes you make on your mobile device back to Innoplus. 

With your customer

Show the customer your Innoplus ideas directly on your tablet. Thanks to this modern and user-friendly tool, you increase the involvement of your customer in the design-related discussions.

Outside the showroom

You have access to your Innoplus projects from any computer running Innoplus:

  • From a laptop, while visiting a customer
  • At home, when you need to finish an urgent project

For the customer

Thanks to Innoplus Cloud , you can offer your customer the unique opportunity to experience their future bathroom in 3D. And satisfied customers will share their experiences with friends by posting images of their dream bathroom on social media. With your personalised branding and contact information!

Remain in contact with your customers

Improve the service you provide and offer your customers the opportunity to see their future bathroom in a 3D panorama view and to share their project with family and friends on social media. This way your company details are clearly highlighted and this ‘name dropping’ can lead to an increased number of leads.

Inspire prospects

Innoplus Cloud helps you to inspire your prospects after visiting your showroom. Once you have identified their preferences concerning their future bathroom, you can select and share your most attractive drawings in Innoplus Cloud, helping them in the decision making process.

The shared 3D images in Innoplus Cloud can also be viewed with Virtual Reality glasses giving your prospect an impressive virtual walk-through their dream bathroom. The VR glasses will add a whole new dimension to the sales process. The enthusiasm you will generate in your customers with this 360° view, will almost inevitably result in a successful outcome.

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Presenting & convincing

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Organizing & managing

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Keeping in touch

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Informing & inspiring

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Innovate & produce

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