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From inspirational designs to seamless ordering

Generate new customers online, design in store and order direct with manufacturers through software designed to work together seamlessly.

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Attract Customers Online

Inspire new customers direct from your website and let them try out their designs in an easy drag-and-drop design tool. You can then import their designs direct to Innoplus to give it a professional touch as you bring their dream bathroom to life on their first visit.


Stunningly accurate designs

Create your customer’s dream bathroom in just 15 minutes. Then take them through a photo-realistic virtual room that brings their ideas to life. But you won’t just be selling them dreams, as our catalogue data is exact in their details, so you can deliver on what you sell.


Virtual Showroom

Keep your customers excited with the new designs you’ve created by sharing them on the cloud. Let them walk through it using VR and share with their friends at home, spreading your brand and removing any doubt about their new bathroom.

Showcase 360

What makes us different

Data Accuracy

Unmatched by anyone else, our data is not just up-to-date and accurate but also enriched with images, links and details that make your lives easier.


From the start you get two days of training and then you are supported all the way through by experts available in three rings.

Integrated solution

One system to design, showcase, quote and order. Not just saving time but also preventing mistakes happening. After all, we’re only human.

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