3D configuration for manufacturers

Design, order and manufacture. In one system.

Speed up and fully control the entire production process from customer design through to CNC production with one web-based 3D configurator. Create your own accurate and stunning catalogues and manage your retailers all with one simple-to-use system.

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Simple 3D configuration

Configure any product you make in 3D, with powerful parametric software that automates many of the complex rules required for manufacturing. Customisation of rules, variants and options gives you complete control whether you’re creating new catalogues or giving customers the chance to create their own furniture or rooms.

Retail to production integration

Use one web-based system for everything from design through to manufacturing, fully integrating the entire process from retail to CNC production. Full integration eliminates risk of errors, speeds up processes and removes duplication of tasks throughout the entire process from design through to production.

Optimise production management

With retailers and manufacturers using one system, you can optimise your production process by being able to see all current and potential orders. Orders are automatically broken down to BOM, production lists and CNC information, letting you see which parts will be needed and how best to use your machines. That means better planning and seamless production.

Make catalogue management efficient

Get an edge over competitors by ensuring your retailers have the latest catalogues to sell, as soon as they are created. Makes sure the look, dimensions and costs retailers use are exact and up to date by taking full control of creating and updating your own catalogues quickly and accurately.

Sell direct online

Put the power of 3D design into the hands of your end customers by integrating this web-based configurator directly onto your website. Customised furniture or cabinets can be created by users, with pricing and styles automatically provided, allowing them to buy direct from your website.

See what you create

See your products exactly as they will look while you configure them, with real-time 3D renders that bring your products to life.

Connect with everything

Integrate with your current ERP and accountancy software, so that you can manage your business more efficiently and accurately.

What makes us different

Cutting edge innovation

The only tool that combines end-to-end production management with a web-based 3D configurator.

Unrivalled support

Get expert advice on the phone or find answers in our explanatory videos, technical brochures and online wiki.

Manufacturing experts

3D configuration for manufacturers is our unique specialty, unmatched anywhere else.

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