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ico-communication Winner Cloud - Security and privacy

Compusoft Cloud Services offers the possibility to store data - exported by your Compusoft application - on a dedicated Cloud space. This allows you to share digital information with your own customers.

The security of your data is our first priority. Compusoft provides you with a safe and secure Cloud area.

Please note that you are advised to do backup of your data by other means as you are solely responsible for any loss of data or other damages that result from the use of the Compusoft Cloud Services.


  • Compusoft Cloud Services is built on top of the Microsoft Azure™ platform, which offers a long list of security certifications and attestations. This gives us a well-monitored, highly scalable, stable and secure platform to build our Services on.


  • All communication between our clients (applications) and the server is implemented using a secure tunnel (TLS 1.2/AES 256 or better). This effectively makes it impossible to decode the communication anywhere between the client and the server.
  • A client application cannot access customer specific data without logging on to the customer’s account.
  • A client application cannot log on to an account without the customer providing the correct credentials (user name/password).
  • An account’s password is known only to the customer, and is not stored anywhere in the cloud.


  • All sensitive information stored on the server is encrypted.
  • Information stored on a customer’s account is accessible only through our client applications.
  • No Compusoft employee has access to the server or to any customer’s data. Exception: Like most of the online services, a select few people (less than 5) have access for trouble-shooting, further development and to ensure stable operations.


  • Currently, we do not offer our Compusoft Cloud Services as a backup solution for our customers. Our customers are responsible for their own on-premises backup – even if their designs have been published to the cloud.

    Still, we have added extra precautions for backup to ensure the integrity of our customer’s cloud data.
  • All data is stored on locally redundant Azure storage. This means Azure constantly keeps a copy of our data on another logical storage area in the same data centre. → If the disk crashes, the data is safe. → If the data centre building is destroyed, the data is lost.
  • We regularly make disaster copies of the data to give us the possibility to recover from accidental/unwanted data deletion or corruption. This is primarily a protection against programming errors, so that we can recover customer data if one of our applications accidentally deletes the wrong data. This backup is also stored in the same data centre as the live data, but on a different logical storage area.
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