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Why Choose Compusoft

A remarkable fact about our some 12,000 customers is that at least 9000 of them have exchanged software from another supplier for our Compusoft software.

This raises one simple question: Why have 9000 customers invested in Compusoft and tossed their old programs in the bin? The customers themselves have the answer to that: First of all, these customers have heard from colleagues that Compusoft has fantastic, user-friendly programs which are easy to learn and easy to use.

The first company on the market to always keep their promises

And even more important, their colleagues have also told them that Compusoft are the first company on the market to always keep their promises.

In other words, Compusoft are quick to provide catalogues in local languages and have super-motivated people working at their help desk, providing training, etc.

One of the reasons for this high level of motivation is that more than 50% of our employees are also shareholders in the business, something which is unheard of in our sector.

In a nutshell: Trust your own judgement … and follow in the footsteps of 12,000 of your colleagues throughout the whole of Europe.

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