Premium content in supplier catalogues

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Premium content in supplier catalogues

The trend is towards a paperless office! That is why Compusoft is setting completely new standards in the market with its premium content supplier catalogues. Continuously all supplier catalogues available for Winner Design are upgraded to the new standards.

What does that mean for you? Your daily routines in the planning process will be facilitated significantly, as technical information, e.g. specifications or measurement information of electrical appliances, are centralized and easily retrievable in our premium content catalogues. Forget about sifting through enormous paper catalogues - just start your Winner Design!

Once your customer has a special question or you need detailed product information you only have to click and scroll through your digital supplier catalogue to find the required information within seconds.  Providing the comprehensive and reliable information within a short time, that is what we mean by excellent customer service.

We are convinced that our premium content catalogues will enable you to work without any printed catalogue in the near future, thus not only saving resources but also giving you much more valuable time for acquisition purposes and sales talk.

The following additional product information is available in our premium content catalogues:

  • Pictograms & item pictures: Each item is presented either as 3D object, pictogram, or item picture
  • Links to the sales manual: All information provided in the printed sales manual is integrated in our digital catalogues and available with a single mouse click
  • Links to website information: Just click on an embedded link in our catalogue and you will be automatically directed to the corresponding information on the supplier’s website
  • Extended comment features: Choose a pictogram and insert it as a comment with image in your ground and elevation plans
  • Pictograms in your print forms: Integrate pictograms and item pictures in
    your quotations, order confirmations etc. to provide more detailed information
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