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Innoplus – Newsletter II.2019

Convincing realism in the panorama

For the first time we will present to you at the ISH our latest ground-breaking technology for an even more realistic 3D view. The first step is the creation of a panorama within seconds in the Present menu.

The panorama creation has been supplemented by another impressive option, which makes full use of the capability of the graphics card. The result will excite you. In a matter of seconds, including daylight and the light sources in the room, a very realistic panorama is created, which you can show on the screen and in the VR headset.

There is more news regarding the VR glasses. We have extensively tested the “Oculus Go” and are convinced: The advantage of these so called standalone VR glasses: you do not need a smartphone.

The entire technology is already integrated in the glasses and therefore ready to use at any time. The control is easy with the supplied controller. This is all included at a manageable investment when compared to a high-quality smartphone.

News in the stationary VR solution

Two years ago we presented for the first time our impressive stationary VR solution at the ISH. The response was overwhelming! The visitors were thrilled with the opportunity to move freely through a virtual bathroom. Since then we continuously advanced the development and are pleased to announce to you now our wireless stage of development.

With the wireless glasses you can move freely in you virtual dream bathroom. Discover new perspectives or take a look to the outside through the window - with the integrated environments the impression becomes even more realistic and makes a contribution to the impressive overall experience.

Tips & Tricks

News in Innoplus Cloud and showroom

The comprehensive configuration options in the Innoplus Cloud have been complemented by additional functions.

You can now give your plans any file name when you publish them in social networks.

The order of the plans, panoramas and images can now be  changed quickly and easily with drag & drop functionality. This always gives you an optimal overview of all your projects.

In the Cloud Manager you will notice some new buttons

To move a plan or a panorama in the Cloud Manager please use this button, which you can find directly at the preview image or in the file list.

Saved panoramas can be activated or deactivated directly in the cloud. These buttons are available in the 3D area of the Cloud Manager.

More information about the opportunities and changes the Innoplus Cloud offers you can be found at

 or visit our sample showroom

Enriching Innoplus training offers

Be master of your learning. Customise your learning experience with the Compusoft training courses.

All training courses are designed to help you build skills to use Compusoft products and technologies. They can help you to manage projects more effectively and efficiently. You get the greatest business value from your investment if you combine software with skills.

All current training days you can find here.

Catalogue novelties and updates

The constant enlargement and update of the manufacturer data in your Innoplus is an important topic to us.  Please see here an overview of the recently added and updated catalogues.

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